About Us

Welcome to AmericasMall.com. We’ve just recently relaunched the America’s Mall project, which was originally started by us, the same founders, way back in 1997. We’re very excited to get this going again, better than ever, along with our affiliated partners, customers and influencers, supporting top online retailers.

Attention Influencers!!! We want to be your SPONSOR. Radio hosts, bloggers, journalists etc.. Join our revenue share program and earn ongoing commissions from purchases made from people you refer to AmericasMall.com. We think, working with AmericasMall.com can be the win win you’ve been looking for. No longer do you need to depend on one or two sponsorships that just die off over time. You promote America’s Mall and we’ll take care of bringing on the top online retail stores, brands and other revenue generating opportunities. Did we mention you earn ONGOING commissions whenever someone you refer makes a purchase? Not just a one time sale from one merchant. The project we’re building, you earn commission from current and future sales, on any store in the mall.¬†As long as the customer is logged in and earning cash back, you’re earning part of the cash-back commission. We build loyalty with customers by offering great store listings, great deals and cash-back. Have any questions, please feel free to contact us.